BellaBoo Glam was inspired from a love and passion for animals and cancer research for all our loved ones.  Along with this ambition was a fundamental passion for being glamorous with a trendy accessory line!  With our products, you can be a part of both our goals too!  We provide you with beautiful unique jewelry and warm fashionable scarves while helping to fight for the causes we hold near and dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy our handmade collection and join forces with our aspirations!

The BellaBoo Glam Team

Jaime’s Bio

I’m Jaime, the creator of BellaBoo Glam. I’d like to tell you a little about myself and the journey that brought me here. My passion for knitting began as a little girl. I accredit this desire to my grandma Lucy. I have vivid memories of sleeping over and her teaching me how to first knit small square boxes. To this day I still have them. I loved looking through her old yarn and going yarn shopping with her. One day, about 10 years later, I noticed a colleague of mine wearing this beautiful scarf. She had in fact knitted it herself! Something that day just hit me……I could do that I said to myself! My passion and enthusiasm all came rushing back to me in an instant. But did I even remember how to knit? I picked up my grandmother’s knitting needles, and just like that, it came back to me!
I also have had a lifelong passion for jewelry! I tribute my enthusiasm to my Mema….my other grandmother. As a little girl, I used to venture into her jewelry box as if I was digging for treasure. We shared this bond like no other. I have some very special memories and attachments to many items she had passed on to me.
This is how my love for knitting and jewelry flourished into what it is today…..BellaBoo Glam. I hope you and your family enjoy my ideas and creations as much as I do.

– Jaime

Jaime - Owner of BellaBoo Glam

Bella’s Bio

Bella is my 6 year old Havanese and the joy of my life. We’ve had a connection and bond from the very first moment we met. She has not left my side ever since. She’s truly an angel. In July of 2012, I found a lump in her tiny armpit which was diagnosed as a cancerous mast cell tumor. She was only 5 at that time. As you can imagine, my devastation of this news was indescribable. But I went into Action mode, immediately changed her diet, had the tumor surgically removed and tested for further information on its prognosis. To our luck, it was a low grade level of cancer. To our misfortune, they were unable to get clean margins around the tumor due to the problematic location of it being in her tiny armpit. After learning of this, I immediately took Bella to see an Oncologist to review further treatment options for any remaining cancerous cell that were left behind in her little body. I decided to put her on a 6 month chemo-like drug called Palladia. Today she is doing very well and hasn’t missed a beat from any of this trauma. Our affection is even stronger today as we continue to take care of each other and provide unconditional love. I dedicate my BellaBoo Glam designs all to my little angel, Bella.

– Jaime

Bella - the Inspiration of BellaBoo Glam


Boo’s Bio

Where do I begin? Such a truly beautiful girl, a proud lady and a fighter, Boo was a rescue from the Yonkers shelter that we adopted when she was 6 months. They were calling her Candy, but you don’t name a BIG brindle Pit rescue Candy – so we renamed her Boo – as her Birthday fell on Halloween. Finding Boo was like finding a rare gem…she quickly became my best friend (and everyone’s best friend) and the love of my life. One morning in Sept 2011, after 8 wonderful years, after successfully recovering from double cruciate surgery, Boo had a gran mal seizure. Not knowing what was happening, we thought she was choking and rushed her to the vet…she began having seizures regularly and very often. After bringing her to a specialty vet hospital, found out she had a large, in-operable brain tumor and therefore she didn’t have long. In the face of pure devastation, we sprung into action. We started researching and implementing holistic remedies, foods, medicines…etc. Changed her diet, and began to starve the tumor and therefore control her seizures. Took her to a different park every weekend (she loved parks and hikes), administered acupuncture treatments and most of all, gave her lots of love, kisses and hugs every single day!! Boo fought for another 8 months, when the doctors didn’t think she would make it more than one. She passed on May 2, 2012. Boo, my love, my life…truly special and one of a kind. The love and memories we share will forever be in my heart. In Boo’s memory we dedicate BellaBoo Glam…

– Victoria


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